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Competition closes midnight on 6 June

Prize Contains

5 lucky winners will received the following items in their Gluten Free Food Box

3 x 1kg bags of Gluten Free Flour, 2 x packs of Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal Products, 2 x packs of Gluten Free Pasta or Spaghetti, 2 x packs of Gluten Free Oat Bars (8 Oat Bars), 1 x pack of a Gluten Free Mix (e.g. Pancake Mix)

1 x copy of Becky Excell’s new book, How to Make Anything Gluten Free, 

2x 1kg Gluten Free Plain White Flour, 

2 x 1kg Gluten Free Self Raising White Flour, 

2 x 1kg Gluten Free White Bread Flour, 

2 x 1kg Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour, 

1 x 100g Xanthan Gum, 

1 x 130g Baking Powder, 

1 x 200g Bicarbonate of Soda, 

1 x 125g Quick Yeast

Gluten Free Recipes


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Herb Dumplings

Gluten Free 
Plain White Flour

Gluten Free 
Self Raising White Flour

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White Bread Flour